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My name is Stacey and I love helping small businesses and entrepreneurs get organized!

Business owners have so many things to handle and the to-do list can be extremely long. The burden of keeping up with all the paperwork and day to day bookkeeping tasks can be stressful and frustrating. Let Shill Bookkeeping help with managing and balancing financial transactions while you focus on growing your business.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can call us with any question, comment or concern that affects your business or personal situation and we’ll be there to help!


At tax time, those that are organized and ready to roll, get the red carpet treatment…while small businesses that are disorganized and unprepared get put on extension.



Bookkeeping services can greatly benefit small businesses by providing accurate and up-to-date financial records, which are essential for making informed business decisions. My services ensure that financial transactions are recorded and organized, making it easier to track income, expenses, and cash flow. Additionally, bookkeeping services can help small business owners save time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manual record-keeping. By outsourcing bookkeeping, small business owners can focus on running and growing their business, while I take care of the financial tasks. Furthermore, a professional bookkeeping service can help detect and prevent financial fraud and errors, which can have serious consequences for small businesses. Take a moment to review my different levels of service to pick the proper fit for your business and budget needs.










Customized Pricing

Every business has a unique set of needs, and I price my services accordingly. This method of pricing ensures you are not paying for services that are of no value to your business. Let's set a discovery meeting for your business!

Bookkeeping Services

Starting at $200/Month

"Stacey has been such a blessing to my new business. I'm a plumber. I don't know how to do bookkeeping like she does. She's an expert. She reconciles my accounts and gives me timely P&L statements every month so I can track my expenditures and cash flow, and ultimately my profit, so I can grow my business. Stacey is a valuable part of growing my business. I couldn't do it without her."
Todd B.
Owner at Master Drain Services


From our pricing above, you can see that it depends on what services you’d like to contract.  Minimum rates start at a low, reasonable price of $200/month.

Best business practice is to have documentation for all deductions in the event you are audited.  These documents support the entries made in your books which will be used to file your tax return.  At Shill Bookkeeping we hope you aren’t audited, but we rather have you prepared for an audit and not need to be, instead of being audited and not being readily prepared. 

According to the IRS guidelines supporting documents include the following:

  • Canceled checks or other documents reflecting proof of payment/electronic funds transferred
  • Cash register tape receipts
  • Account statements
  • Credit card receipts and statements
  • Invoices

Reconciling a bank account is comparing your accounting records in your bookkeeping software with your bank/loan statements. You want to ensure that all transactions that clear a bank account including bank fees, checks written, ACH and debit card transactions are recorded in your QuickBooks bookkeeping software so that the information will show up on the profit and loss statement and balance sheet statement. It’s important to reconcile on a regular basis because it will help to identify if there are errors or missing information.

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and organizing financial transactions for a business or organization.  We can work in your qbo account and organize your income and expenses that go directly through the bank feed.

The frequency of bookkeeping tasks depends on the size and complexity of a business, but some common frequencies include recording transactions daily or weekly, bank reconciliation monthly, accounts payable and accounts receivable management weekly or monthly, and invoicing weekly or monthly.

Some key components of bookkeeping include recording financial transactions, reconciling accounts, managing accounts payable and accounts receivable and preparing financial statements.

What is Included?

Every month we will categorize all business related income and expense transactions and issue you a monthly financial statement consisting of a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss. These reports will help you understand your business past to make decisions on your business future. They are required in order to do any tax planning or to fund your business with mid-year loans. Unlimited email support is also included.

What is Not Included?

Anything above and beyond basic tracking of income and expense items for the month is not included which includes the following: accrual basis accounting, detailed financials showing class tracking and job profitability, invoicing, bill payment, payroll and sales tax filing but can be added for additional fees. You will be able to choose the package level that fits your needs best to include some of these services.

More Time

You’ll have more time to focus on sales, marketing and customer retention, thus increasing your new and recurring income!

Peace of Mind

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can call us with any question, comment or concern that affects your business or personal situation and we’ll be there to help!

Able to Plan

You’ll be able to plan whether it’s for taxes or for other life investments, you’ll always know where you stand with monthly financials and tax planning experts at your fingertips!

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